Our Commitment

The owners of Bio-Trauma 911, Inc., together with its management team and technicians, are committed to completing each job with the highest degree of integrity, honesty and professionalism. We make you this promise!

If for any reason you are unhappy or dissatisfied with the work we perform, and we find your concern legitimate, we will make every effort, at our expense, to rectify the situation. If we are unable to rectify the situation to your satisfaction, we will refund all or part of the expense you incurred. We make you this promise!

Furthermore, you will never be overcharged for the services we render. Not only does Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. offer the most competitive rates in the industry, but we will refund to you any portion of your payment that was not needed. Our technicians will make every effort to finish a job as quickly and as efficiently as they can. Therefore, if we estimate a job will take twelve hours and you've paid in advance, yet the job only took ten hours, we will refund to you immediately the difference. We will not make an attempt to justify or "fudge" our records in an attempt to keep what is rightfully yours. We make you this promise!

Should you have any questions regarding our customer support or what you can expect from Bio-Trauma 911, Inc., please contact Martha Lenz at 1-800-759-6960.

General Questions

Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. provides services to the states of Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin. However, we may travel outside of our service area if the situation permits. Please contact Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. even if you are outside of our service area. We have well-trained and professional affiliates located throughout the United States.

If you find yourself in a situation that requires you to clean up a scene where someone has died or has been seriously wounded, you should contact Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. Likewise, should you find yourself tasked with cleaning a hoarding or gross filth scene, you should contact Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. Whether you are a home owner or business owner, the task of cleaning any of these scenes by yourself, with little to no experience, can be challenging and unsafe. Our technicians will relieve you of this burden and work to return the scene to a safe and inhabitable environment.

There are a number of variables, such as distance, that may affect our response time. Prior to commencing a cleanup process, the site must be evaluated. This is a vital process that ensures proper pricing and complete knowledge of the work to be done. In most situations, and depending on whether or not the scene has been released by detectives and/or medical examiner, technicains are generally dispatched within an hour.

This is a question that cannot be answered without a thorough evaluation of the scene. Prior to providing a quote, a technician may have to visit the scene or we may request photos if they are available. If neither of these options are available, our staff will quote a price based on our experience and knowledge of most crime and trauma related scenes. The final bill will be adjusted at the completion of the job. However, our quotes are typically accurate within a couple hundred dollars.

Our cost proposal will include all costs involved in the cleanup process. Our office can provide a detailed quote, which itemizes all expenses, or simply provide you with an all inclusive quote for the requested services. If travel time and lodging are required, these expenses will be included in our proposal.

Yes, completely safe. Bio-Trauma 911 uses OSHA compliant and hospital grade chemicals, which can be used in any household, business or restaurant environment.

In many situations, the carpet and flooring must be removed. Fewer situations may require baseboards and wallboard to be removed. In a bathroom or kitchen area, it may be necessary to disconnect sinks, toilets and bathtubs. In any situation, only necessary items will be removed in our effort to completely remove contaminated items. Our technicians are professionals and will remove items with great care and precision. Once items are removed, depending on our initial consultation, a sub-contractor may be brought in to replace the removed items.

Other Questions

The Bio-Trauma 911 Crime Scene Cleanup Training Course is only offered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our course is open to both individuals and businesses located in the continental United States and abroad.

Participating students will be welcomed to a learning environment that has been structured to promote a solid understanding of the crime scene cleanup process. During the classroom portion of our training course, students will be provided with several manuals, materials on CD and offered refreshments. During the dynamic hands-on portion, students simply walk next door to our training suite, complete with several mock crime & trauma scene scenarios.

Students will stay in a hotel close to the training facility and will receive a complimentary ride to and from the hotel for training participation when needed. In addition, students who require assistance will be picked up at the airport or bus terminal and returned for their departing flight or bus trip.

To learn more, click Crime Scene Cleanup Training Course

We only offer our training course in the State of Indiana. Since half of our course is "hands-on" in a simulated biohazard environment, it is not feasible for us to recreate the training environment outside of our office complex. Food and lodging in Indianapolis is very affordable. While many of our students fly into Indianapolis, most drive.

If insurance is involved, we typically collect the deductible (typically between $500-$1,000) up front. If insurance is not involved, we typically receive 1/2 of the estimate in advance from a home owner or financially responsible party. We typically bill a business or insurance company for the full amount, net 21. Down payments are not typically required from a business or insurance company, however this is handled on a case by case basis.

Yes we welcome anyone or any business entity or agency in need of biohazard remediation services.


Business Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 24 hours a day
  • Saturday: 24 hours a day
  • Sunday: 24 hours a day

Let Us Help

PLEASE, if you or your family think you may be in need of a company to assist in the removal of blood and/or bodily fluids, but are not sure what services you may need, please don't feel like you have to search this entire website. Please pick up a phone and call us toll free at 1-800-759-6960. Ask for Martha Lenz, Steve Hanna or Josh Elizondo. Any of these individuals can walk you through the steps you need to take to alleviate your problem or situation.

You will not be charged for asking us for help. If we are unable to help with your situation, we will try to put you in touch with a reputable company or individual that may be able to better assist you.